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We deliver digital and physical integration for retail and verticals

What we do

We are proud to offer innovative solutions to our customers which deliver business gains. Our customer app and actionable insight suite products are based on the open and flexible architecture powered by the Internet of Things and predictive analysis.

The mobile app

We design, implement and run mobile apps that increase customer loyalty for commercial property management companies and other verticals.
These apps are offering innovative features which increase customer satisfaction.

The actionable insight suite

Our actionable reporting suite increases the competitive advantage of shopping malls by offering business insight and foresight to their executives. These reports provide not only valuable views to past events but also to future outcomes by applying predictive analytical techniques.

Extensive Features

Our open platform supports a variety of features that are developed and ready to use,
as well as features in development.
We are committed to working with you to generate the most appropriate app and insight feature
to elevate customer experience and business insight.
Catchment Area

Accurate definition of the catchment area involves knowledge of the topography, the drive-timezone and competition.

Customer Behaviour

Mapping shopper movements offers critical information to marketers, retailers and executives.

Smart Parking

Offering customer a way to simplify their journey to the shopping centre increases customer satisfaction.

Event Success Measurement

Being able to measure the effectiveness of campaigns gives an immediate valuation compared to the effort.

Virtual Fidelity Card

Mail loyalty programs provides branding loyalty based on location, the unique offering of stores and experience.

Interactive Data Visualization

Decision-makers want to see analytics presented visually, so they can grasp the difficult concepts or identify new patterns.


Malls engages their customers with an interactive experience, with a meaningful call to action combined with fun.

Tenancy Mix Performance

Purposeful mall-space allocation, balanced shops typologies and rental levels reveal the optimal tenancy mix.


Marrying online and offline commerce will benefit customers and retailers alike.

Social Network

Social media integration into your customer app helps build an online community for your shopping centre.

Pop-up Shop

Quickly setup performance measurements tools that follow the seasonal nature of the business.

What's Next

Invest in your freedom to solidify, modify and expand your offering by having access to a flexible platform.


The Actionable Insight Suite

We help our customers by providing the most useful insight into their business with various degree of sophistication:
Standard, Ad Hoc, Query Drill-down, Statistical Analysis, Forecasting, Predictive Modelling, Business Optimization

The Customer App

Customer loyalty is indispensable for your businesses and you probably have competitors that do what you do,
so differentiate yourself if you want your customers to keep coming back to you.
Give them a reason to come back to you.

Enhance your customer experience

Although trends in the retailing and commercial property management industries have emerged in the last few years, players have not yet succeeded in converting these into a real competitive advantage. We recommend considering the following trends while drafting your next business move.