We believe in business optimisation through the use of innovation

The idea

Predixit has its origin in the idea that technology should help people have a better and simpler life. The founding team has a background in technology and business operations. The team identified the next challenge in combining the power of the Internet of Things with the Predictive Analysis to build a managed full stack infrastructure. The Infrastructure delivers business gains for business customers.


Who We Are

As a company, we believe that the business operations can be improved through the use of emerging technologies such as:
• Smart, cheap and durable devices (Internet of Things)
• Efficient wired and wireless connectivity options
• Utilisation of cloud services that tremendously reduce Capex and Opex costs while increasing delivery times
• The combination between smart devices with Predictive Analysis, which will deliver huge business gains.


We envision a world where products are fully tailored to each person and customization is the norm in service design. In our mind, everything around us has a personal connotation which should reflect the unique character of the user.

Customers' Benefits

The assessment of the existing business processes and tooling often shows great potential gains. The business gains can be achieved by the introduction of modern technologies. This require special expertise, the management of services and suppliers. It all translates in a very customized environment that can adapt quickly and often. Predixit delivers the best compromise between business improvement, complex technologies introduction and ROI (return on investment).


Predixit helps companies leverage the power of data-driven business applications to achieve the ultimate accuracy in their business decision-making process.
Our customers can expect the company management’s commitment to always strive toward professional growth, fair treatment, and full engagement.
Predixit embraces the new competitive framework based on flexible business models, rapid execution, and customer satisfaction which in turn will foster profitability and sustainability.

What We Do

We help companies assessing their potential business gains by implementing industry-innovative solutions. We implement and run the infrastructure that gives our customer maximal financial benefit.