Smart Mobile App

Enhance shopping experience giving to your customers reasons to come back

An integral part of the solution is the customer app, which is loaded with features that your customer want to use, their benefits are obvious and powerful, for instance:

Identifies clusters and faithful clients who come to the shopping centre to design one2one marketing campaigns.

Sends promotional push notifications ONLY to the relevant recipients of your campaign.

Inserts practical features such as searches based on brand, product, event or promotion.

The loyalty mechanism allows customer to be rewarded for interacting with the Mall

Interacts with customers to poll satisfaction levels.

Introduces an e-commerce module which allows customers to purchase online.

Increases the likability of the app by adding games into the app.

Allows customer to intelligently manage their transportation through smart parking solutions.

Offers real-time customer support.

Integrates with social media.

Introduces a navigation feature to get to the desired place with pease of mind

It is integrated with the tenants loyalty card to combine campaigns.

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Below you will find some examples on how to increase your overall customer experience
by providing your customers with appealing functionalities.

Customer loyalty can be indispensable for your businesses and you probably have competitors that do what you do, so you should differentiate yourself if you want your customers to keep coming back to you. There are tons of ways to increase customer loyalty, such as by differentiating your brand voice, offering more value for a lower price or simply improving the experience each customer has as they engage with your brand. Considering a Smart App?
“Mobile apps that help streamline shopper interactions and offer customers enhanced features are the key to tapping booming m-commerce sales,” wrote Ian P. Murphy for Retail Dive. “The 180 top retailers that offer apps reported that sales resulting from those apps grew 44% in 2015, while overall mobile sales are projected to grow by 15% — still more than twice as fast as overall e-commerce.”
With mobile penetration that has achieved more than 100% in several Western countries, it becomes obvious to use mobile apps as a means of communication with clients.
One of the biggest benefits of having a mobile app is that all the information you’d like to provide to your customers — including special sales and promotions — is right at their fingertips. Through push notifications, you’re getting even closer to a direct interaction, and can easily remind customers about your products and services whenever the need arises.
What you really want to do is create an app that has features your customers will love. At the same time, it's well branded and beautifully designed. The more often you can get customers involved with your app, the sooner they will be inclined to buy your product or service.
With all the noise out there — roadside banners, billboards, flashing signs, newspaper ads, flyers, websites, website banners, Facebook ads, and email marketing — we slowly lose our impact on customers. It’s time to go back to making a true and sincere connection with your customers, and making them loyal users of your product or service.
Whichever way you go, a mobile app will be a standard component of any business in the future. The choice you make today will set the foundation for the future of your business. It’s for you to decide whether you’d like to be one of the first.