Social Network

Social media integration into your customer app helps build an online community for your shopping centre.

Before social media, it was nearly impossible to monitor what everyone thought about your company. Without monitoring social media platforms, though, you are still in the dark about what’s going on among your users and you’re only able to find out about unhappy customers when they are frustrated enough to contact your customer service department directly.

With social media platforms, you can monitor most interactions between your end users and other groups of people, that are not directed at you but are simply about you. This allows you to act on feedback not previously at your disposal.

Social media integration into you customer app is definitely a great strategic move to make. It delivers several advantages, such as helping to build an online community for your shopping center as well as increasing customer service.

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Predixit noticed that the best thing about using social media platforms is that it promotes or even makes e-commerce sales because it elevates the interaction between your services, the social media platforms themselves and their trusted community. When a newly uploaded video to YouTube or photo on Facebook is shared through social media platforms, people share the emotions, status and desires which turn into a potential sale. It is good to remember that people don’t only complain on social media platforms; they often talk very highly of companies. Because of social media, there might be comments you can see – about your product, perhaps – that you would not have found out about before, such as: “I’m so excited; I just got my new X.”

The other application of social media refers to customer service. More and more companies invest in interacting with their customers by using their social media platforms to help customers while they are visiting the mall and outside premises. While customers often won’t respond to a survey or email, they might very likely tweet, post to Facebook or write about you on Google+. You may be able to find images of people using your product, or even find out how people are breaking things without asking them directly.

While many times you cannot publish the actual interactions on the open Web, you can use this information internally and can usually make general statistics or aggregate information available (such as percentage of happy customers). Services offered by Predixit provide easy access to content across multiple social media platforms and are crucial to monitoring all available social media outlets.