Virtual Fidelity Card

Traditional loyalty programs have encouraged loyalty to a single store. That’s great for single stores, but it leaves shopping centres like malls lacking a cohesive offering. Even if a customer is loyal to a store that’s featured prominently in the mall, their loyalty isn’t really to the mall store – it’s to the store brand, no matter if it’s found online, across the country, or across the street.

A mall loyalty program provides the solution to this problem by branding loyalty towards the mall itself. Customers are encouraged towards repeat purchases at the mall based on its location and its unique offering of stores. The right loyalty program can get every mall business involved, creating a cohesive community offering that will keep locals coming back for more. The trick is in creating the right program. So, how do you do that?

You develop an App with the following characteristics:

Customizing the App for a specific center type which also incorporates the fidelity cards of all the tenants of the center so you have everything at your fingertips
Send push notifications or promotional shopping center info
Insert useful services such as brands, product and service search
smart parking
Embed a customer satisfaction module which polls different topics such as: leasing, marketing, consumer behaviour, food court offer, visit motivation and on premise facilities
Allow an integration to the major Social Network to make possible experience sharing but also Customer Service interaction
Ability to integrate with the standard e-commerce platform to allow e-payments
Encourage App utilization by integrating the gamification of promotions

Predixit works with marketing experts at shopping malls in order to translate the management strategies into popular App which in turn generates generous amount of valuable information used for customer segmentation and profiling.